Credit Union 1

Proposal Request Form

Please provide the following information:

Organization Name:
Contact Name:
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Tax ID Number:

1. What is the mission and purpose of your organization?
2. Describe the project/event for which you are requesting funds and the number of people it will benefit.
3. What is the timeline of the project/event?
4. What is the amount of sponsorship funds you are requesting ? (The average range of sponsorships CU1 provides is $500-$2,500)
5. How does this project/event fit into one of CU1’s focus areas (Youth and Education, Health, Social Services)?
6. What are the projected results of this project/event and how will they be evaluated?
7. How will results be affected if CU1 is not able to provide the full amount requested?
8. Will this project/event include an opportunity for CU1 employees to volunteer?
9. List any CU1 employees who are involved with your organization and at what capacity (i.e., board member, volunteer, etc.)
10. Any other information you feel is important for us to know.